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What is a good photo?

That is a good and very difficult question. For sure the answer is not unique but multiple.

This "simple" question will be the base of the following pages to improve easily your photos.

I will try to humbly answer what makes a photo pop, why a picture can caught your eyes and attention.

Louvre Museum by nightView of the illuminated Louvre Museum of Paris in France

After a long time of thinking, I found out 4 key points that define a good photo:

  • Light
  • Composition
  • Subject
  • Technics

The stronger your photo is on each of the above point the more impact it will have.

A picture with all those above points fullfy mastered will be for sure an exceptionnal photo!

Shanghai SkylineShanghai SkylineBeautiful Skyline of Shanghai tower. What a chance I got to be able to see that with my own eyes. It is certainly one of the most perfect skyline of the world . It is surrounding by a big rive. In all those skyscrapers, you can see three of the 20th hightest of the wolrd! And even the 2nd highest building of the world : the Shanghai tower.

We will go through those for topics in the incoming pages to explain them and give you simple clue to improve them!


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